Green Practices

Going Green


Rasmi has always strived with a high regard for our customers, our employees and the world around us. . You could say that a great deal of "energy" has gone into ensuring that Rasmi products are the most efficient We integrate this ideology into everything we do; from our manufacturing processes to our packaging to the way we design our products. The fact is Rasmi was a green company long before there was a green movement.

In our factory, we eliminated all water discharges from our various rinsing operations, recycling the rinse water instead. We installed two powder-coat paint lines that produce no VOC emissions or hazardous waste. All of our unused steel and aluminum is recycled and also all of the containers and packaging materials from the components from our fixtures. Many of our fixture housings and parts are produced from recycled steel and aluminum and are fully recyclable when removed from an installation.

Also our products are among the most efficient fixtures in the industry. We make use of the latest in lamps(LED), ballasts and material to optimize our designs.