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Who We Are?

Founded in 1974, rasmi Lighting Ltd is a UK based company,, specializing in the design and manufacture of EMC products and lighting systems. Rasmi has extensive research, design and production facilities in the UK, Employing over 70 people at three sites totaling more then 4600m.

Rasmi Lighting specialists at all sites are constantly working to future develop and expand the range of products offered, provide the techincal support required by our customers, as well as ensuring that all products are designed to operate safely and efficiently.

about_img_1Rasmi has been leading designer and manufacturer of low voltage halogen lighting systems, transformers and emergency lighting units since 1978. Recent developments in LED light source technology have allowed Rasmi to design an extensive range of luminaries, incorporating LEDs for decorative, commercial and domestic lighting applications.

A great emphasis has been made to provide Rasmi customers with modren designed products with energy saving options of up to 80% compared to incandescent lighting. The LED systems can have lifetimes of over 50,000 hours(around 6 years if used 24hours perday) using a fraction of the energy of incandescent lighting.